The OnPoint Ibiza Fitness Retreat 

Back in cold, wet and dark January I booked to go on a fitness retreat run by OnPoint.
At the time it seemed like a good way to stay focussed on training throughout the year, with something to work towards. Throughout the year I questioned whether I had done the right thing. Would I be able to keep up with the other team members? Would I be able to train in the heat? What if I didn’t like the food? What if I had to share a room with someone I didn’t like?
So, how did it go?

I arrived on the Thursday lunchtime and met up with the OnPoint team and the other trainers. We had lunch and our first training session which was fairly easy and more focussed on warm up technique using foam rollers, some basic exercises and getting to know each other and familiarising ourselves with the villa and the gym.
The roof top gym was well equipped and had incredible views looking out over the mountains and Ibiza town. The retreat was in Talamanca in Ibiza which is a lovely small beach town about 15 minutes walk from Ibiza town.
We then showered and walked down to the beach bar for a decent coffee. When we got back the rest of the team had arrived and we had a lovely meal of chicken with paprika hummous and kale. The food was AMAZING all week, and the chefs at the villa made sure that everyone ate both healthily and well.
The team were great, and I got to share a room with Amy. Although we had briefly chatted at OnPoint before, it was great to get to know her better. We got on really well and only stopped chatting to sleep! As Rachael, Amy, Philippa and I had all trained with Jay before we all felt comfortable training in the OnPoint way, confident with the exercises we were being asked to do and we all pushed ourselves to do the most to the limit.

We woke up at 7am for a 7.30am training session on the roof. Breakfast was available as soon as we got out and included chia porridge as well as granola with yoghurt, fresh fruit and cold meats.
We walked into Ibiza town via Passion Café for the best protein smoothie I have ever had! We then headed back to the villa for a lunchtime training session. The training sessions generally included circuits of various exercises, for example rowing, kettlebell deadlifts and swings. The format was similar to the OnPoint team training sessions but not as intense. We then got time to relax before our final session of the day – a boxing team session with Jay, learning the basic moves and drills.

This mornings session was on the beach and included some jogging, a basic routine of squats, mountain climbers, press ups and ab crunches in the sand with some team races thrown in for good measure. It was amazing to see the sun rise over the sea as we trained, starting in the pitch black and ending in full daylight.
After breakfast we did a trek around the coastline which meant that we got to see some incredible views, learn a bit about the history of the island and the plants and scramble up and down a gully!
We had lunch and time to chill and relax by the pool until sunset yoga on the roof. The stretching was a welcome break from all of the physical activity and gave us a chance to focus on recovery and relaxation. We left feeling very spaced out!
After dinner that evening we headed down to a local bar for a drink. At the end of the day the healthy lifestyle is your choice and needs to be sustainable. I had one glass of champagne – I figure that if you’re only going to have one drink then you should make it count and really enjoy it! And god knows I earned it that day and it tasted all the better for it!

Our final full day started with a circuits session on the rooftop as the sun came up, followed by a chance to top up the tan and relax around the pool until the lunchtime session. In the afternoon I did a barbell routine as most of the week was more conditioning than strength based and I had missed the warrior woman feeling that you get from lifting heavy weights! The evening session was kick boxing based and was my favourite session of the week. It was high energy, everyone worked hard and we got to learn some new skills!
That evening we went out for dinner in Ibiza town which was a great opportunity to relax and socialise after a long weekend.

Our last day in Ibiza! Philippa and I decided to make the most of our holiday and set our alarms for 7am to see the sun rise on the beach. While everyone else was snoozing we managed to get a brisk 5k in before breakfast and had the chance to see another incredible sun rise. Our last training session was just before lunch and was high energy as we all put 100% in before we had to start thinking about our flights home. Before heading off there was time for just one more smoothie and Amy and I ran down to Passion Café for our last protein fix!
Whilst I was sad to be leaving the amazing friends that I had made, I knew that I was heading home feeling refreshed and re-focussed on my mission to be super fit, healthy and strong!

So what did I take away from the experience?
· Above anything I feel like I have gained some great friendships from this experience. Training together does build friendship fast, and in this environment it is accelerated further.

· I learnt a lot about myself and my own resilience – it was tough but I could have done more. I really appreciated what I am capable of and it made me more focussed and determined to keep going.

· I realised the value of rest, relaxation and switching off from the world. I tried to ignore my phone as much as possible and I read books – which I haven’t been able to do for ages.

· I tried food that I hadn’t tried before – and liked it, which reminded me that dieting doesn’t have to be boring!

· I appreciated how lucky I am to have OnPoint and such good quality training, with a supportive community on my doorstep. Its so hard to find the motivation to exercise and something that works for you – around both your lifestyle and your capability.

SO… bring on Ibiza 2018!!!!

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