Staying on track


2 years ago I weighed nearly 18 stone. Having been down to 13.5 stone a few years before I knew that I needed to do something about it – and for me that meant training more frequently. I found a small community based gym and signed up for a month of team training, within weeks I was hooked and attending classes 5 times a week. Since then I have steadily lost weight and improved my fitness massively. I have completed OCR’s, been on a fitness retreat and binned my asthma inhalers – it has changed my life. It’s been a steady improvement over the last couple of years but in the last few months I have really ramped up my focus and commitment. I’ve dropped a stone pretty quickly and I have been surprised by some of the side effects. I currently weigh 14 stone 11.

1 Success in this area has really shone a spotlight onto areas which are not as good – when you cut out the ‘food or booze’ coping mechanism for a stressful day there is only one option to reduce the stress- address and resolve it- this is scary as its definitely easier to ignore the problem and have a glass of wine.

2 It’s really made me think about why I gained weight – a difficult thing for me to contemplate and go through in my mind – time to address those issues! It has been emotional!

3 People react to you differently – but you don’t realise that you look different so it feels strange.

4 I feel stressed about maintaining what I have lost and not quickly putting it all back on again – if I hit a stone or a half stone goal then I feel like I don’t want to go back up – this motivates me to keep going but feels like pressure!

5 I don’t have a clue what size clothes to buy and actually have to try things on!

6 I am much happier to take photos of myself and actually let other people take photos without thinking ‘please don’t tag me on facebook’

7 I have lost some friends – and gained new ones that support my goals

8 I feel like I have got my body back for me and my self back. When you are overweight you can become very detached from your body – not wanting to look at in the mirror and hardly recognising yourself. I am starting to appreciate how strong and amazing my body is and I feel a lot more connected to it.

9 I have found out that the people that support you mean more than they and you initially realise – having people who are interested in your progress and who genuinely comment on how well you are doing makes all the difference when you are struggling to see it yourself.

10 I have discovered that I need to make the lifestyle changes so that there is no going back – this is something I am really contemplating at the moment

So this is the start of the new journey – doing whatever it takes to stay focussed on my health and fitness goals! I will continue to share my progress here!